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Max HeadRoom
Feb 22, 2008 - 9:48 pm
Title: Lesson: Spies


The first thing you should know about spies is how to dispose of them. A spy can tell your location, your planets location, what is on your planet, they can even sabotage your planets.

Cleaning spies from Planets. Click on your planet icon to access your main planet page. Find the option Click here to clean up the planet from enemy spies. This is the first thing you should do if you have been away from the planet for a day or two or if you suspect another player has been in the sector. Click often. You do not want any spies to transfer to your ship and reveal the location of your other planets. The spy can transfer to your ship if you do anything in the planet menu. So make sure you clean for spies before transferring or upgrading. You may have to clean 4-5 times if your sensor levels are lower than the spy's cloak level. The Cloak level of the spy is based on what the ship cloak that dropped him. If you want to leave spies that are hard to find, make sure your ship's cloak is high.

Cleaning Spies from ships. To clean spies off of ships you need to go to a device port and use the clean for spies option there. Again you may have to clean 3-4 time to get all the spies. The best way to avoid getting spies on your ship is to clean your planets regularly and clean any newly captured planet before accessing the planet in any other way. Also avoid picking up debris, as spies can hide in the debris. One way to clean a larger ship without spending lots of money is to trade to a smaller ship before cleaning for spies. Just remember that you may transfer any spies to your planet if you do this. Perhaps you can trade ships before transferring credits off of captured planets.

Spies tell all kinds of great information about your opponents. Nothing is as satisfying as getting a spy on an enemies ship. You can tell the location of that ship at all times. You can learn the locations of all planets visited by that ship. That includes those scanned in passing. You can see what your spies have learned on the spy menu.

Spies on planets are almost as good. They can steal credits, reduce population, or destroy weapons. My personal favorite is the planet capture. A spy can actually capture a enemy planet without firing a shot. To place a spy on a planet you need to have cloaks higher that the planets sensors. Just click on the enemy planet and the option to send spy to planet is next to the scan and attack options. Warning: you cannot send a spy to a planet of a player that would give you a bounty.

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Posted Feb 22, 2008 - 9:48 pm

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